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Durable design by Inga Elín


Inga's most interesting design is without a doubt the “Veltibollar” cups. Their handleless shape is designed to not get hot on top, while keeping the liquid warm for a longer period.

Originally created with a rounded bottom, they could rock back and forth and still never spill. Hence the name; Velti a word for rolling and Bolli the Icelandic word for a cup.

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Veltibollar Cups

Handmade for over 50 years

The Espresso Cup

After years of collaborating with some of Iceland’s top restaurants Inga created a smaller size of her cups, perfect for a double espresso, single Nespresso or any small coffee drink.

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Espresso Cups

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The "Cloud Plate"

Inga’s Skýjadiskar plates were designed to go with her cups. Perfect for croissants, a few bites of chocolate or other desserts and appetizers.

Like other pieces, the plates are painted by hand and made of the finest porcelain available. They are dishwasher and microwave safe, all except the ones painted with a thick 24-karat gold paint.

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Skýjadiskar Plates

Inspired by Icelandic nature


At last, creamers to go with the cups. These lovely carafes hold the perfect amount of milk for your coffee and are an excellent way to round out your collection. Now available in all collections for the first time.

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